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1.  Make a new folder on your C drive, name it either Phase II Profile, or Sales Success Profile, depending on which program you wish to run. 

    You do this by clicking on MY COMPUTER on your desktop, LEFT CLICK on the C drive,  go to the upper left hand corner of your screen and LEFT CLICK on FILE, select NEW, FOLDER, and name the folder.

2.  Click on one of the links below to download the zipped file, either sspzip.exe or p2pzip.exe into the appropriate folder which you made in STEP 1.

3. After the download is complete, find the file you downloaded using MY COMPUTER, clicking on the "C" drive, and opening the folder you downloaded the file into.

4.  When you have found the file you downloaded, either sspzip.exe or p2pzip.exe do a DOUBLE LEFT CLICK, on this file.  This will unzip all of the files needed to load the program on your computer. (The file you downloaded is a "zipped" file, which simply means we took several files and compacted it into one file, so you only have to download one file instead of several.  When you double click this file it extracts all of the files that were zipped into it.  Think of a zipped file as a grocery bag that holds a lot of cans of vegetables.  It is easier to carry the bag into the house rather than each can.  Once you get the bag into the house you can then remove the cans from the bag.)

5.  In this folder you should now see 11 files including the zip file.  Find the file, SETUP.exe, and double click on it.  This will begin the installation of the program.

6.  Upon installation you may get the error message AUTHORIZATION NOT PRESENT.  Simply click OK to continue.

7.  You should be presented with a site code to authorize your program for use.  Call 1-800-477-3211 ext. 14 to receive your authorization code.


• Download Phase II Profile® Setup

• Download Sales Success Profile® Setup

• Download Sales Success Profile® Fax Answer Sheet
    Download PDF file
    Download in WORD format

• Download NT Driver

• CRC Error File Check Program Download

   1.  Make a folder named test under the directory of your program folder, either Phaseii or ssp. 

    2.   Click on the CRC Error File Check link above and download the file, crcerror.exe into your test directory.

    3.   Go to Windows Explorer and find the file, crcerror.exe double click on this file and it will unzip files inside the test directory.

    4.   Once the files are unzipped, you will see a file named example.exe.  Double click on this file and the following screen will appear:

crc.jpg (58832 bytes) 

    5.  Send us an email to   


    with the example.ckn file you find inside of your test directory attached. 

   6.  Also include in your email the Site code that was generated in the screen above.

   7. We will get back to you with an authorization code.  Once you enter the site code and validate it, and the program is successful, close the program example.exe.

    8.  When you have done this call us !  1-800-477-3211 ext. 14.

    9.  We will want you to once again find the file example.exe and double click on it again.  We will want a report on what the results are, and we will want you to once again email us with the example.ckn attached.

    10.  We are sorry this seems so convoluted, but it is the only way that we can analyze what is going on with your computer and why you are getting the CRC error.  It may because of a virus, or a virus program you have running in the background that you are unaware of.  This will help us isolate the problem and correct it.

Thank You!